A collection of selected prototyping projects, and design sprints.



AR face effects

Timeline: 2 days each | June - July 2018
My Involvement: 3D Modeling, Visual Programming
Tools: Fusion 360, Cinema4D, ARStudio

I designed a face-tracked effect with to explore the nuances of facial interactions, and try out visual programming as a new mode of prototyping interactions.

Try it out below. Don't forget to smile!




To practice my 3D modeling skills in Cinema4D and experiment with 3D occlusions, I designed the avocado 🥑effect. The effect also served as a stress-test for multi-face tracking on mobile.

Get a friend (or a couple of friends) and try it out below!




lil' hoop

Timeline: 1.5 weeks | March 2018
Team Members: Derrick Ho, Eclair Junchaya
My Involvement: Physical Computing, Video Production, Motion Graphics
Tool: Arduino IDE (C/C++)

A motorized miniature basketball hoop that promotes collaboration and entertainment while revitalizing the MHCI+D studio place. 


sky balloon

Timeline: 12 weeks | August - December 2015
Team Member: Ania Bui
My Involvement: Game Design, iOS Development
Tool: XCode (Swift)

My initial dabble in product design and iOS development. View full case study here.